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Blind Dagger

Game Coming Soon!!!!

Risky Card Battles on the Solana Blockchain

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Card Battles....

Launching in 2022, use your warrior NFTs to battle against seen or unseen opponents. Send your warriors off to battle, then receive prizes direct to your wallet.

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Stages of Card Combat....

Select Turn: Bravery multiplied by loyalty determines who strikes first, if the scores are equal, the first to attack is chosen at random.

Attack: Bravery multiplied by attack determines the chance of a successful attack.

Defence: Loyalty multiplied by defence determines the chance of a successful defence.


Round Over: A successful attack followed by a failed defence gives the attacking opponent one point. The defending player will become the attacking player in the next round.


Decide Winner: The first player to reach three points wins the battle.    

Attribute Buffs....

Choosing the closed door will launch an unseen battle. Your warrior will receive a temporary boost to their bravery attribute, this will last for the duration of that battle.

All battles will take place on randomly chosen plots of land. If your warrior is fighting on home soil, they will receive a temporary boost to their loyalty attribute, this will last for the duration of that battle.

The Benefit of Sight....

Choosing an open door will allow you to view your opponent's warrior for a limited time. This will allow you to determine your chances of victory and make an informed decision whether or not to engage. If you do not begin the battle before the timer runs out, the door will close and remain locked for the next 24 hours. During this cooldown period, all of your battles will be unseen.

Arena Battles....

Targeting a 2023 launch, use your warrior NFTs to take part in online top-down action battles. This game type is currently in the design phase and will take longer to develop and test, hence the later launch window. More details coming soon.

This Game Will Make Millionaires....

Given the rapid rate of solana adoption, its development growth and transaction speed, we are confident that the value of SOL could rise to $5,000 by 2030. If you win the Season 1 top prize of 1000 SOL and HODL your stash, you could be sitting on $5million+ in gains. Future seasons will have top prizes of similar $$$ value.

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