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Blind Dagger


A unique P2E game with prizes of up to 1000 SOL

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In Blind Dagger card battles, choose between two doors, seen and unseen

Seen doors give you the benefit of knowledge about your opponent


Unseen doors give you the benefit of temporary attribute buffs



Pay a small toll fee of 0.1 SOL to play for guaranteed prizes

Beat your opponent to win a share of the toll

There is a small chance your warrior may defect to the enemy, or even die in battle

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Battles take place on randomly chosen plots of land

Warriors receive temporary attribute buffs on their native soil


Land owners receive passive income for fights that take place on their turf


BD token holders will receive ALL future generations of warriors via airdrops

Prize chests are awarded to all combatants, even if they lose

Earn BD tokens every time a SOL prize is not won, for a limited time

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Bladium Chest (1000 SOL, seasonal)

0.04% chance of winning

Adamantine Chest (1 SOL, unlimited)

4% chance of winning

Iron Chest (1 BD Token, limited)

Meta Chest (1 Metaverse Item, limited)

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No bugs, no rugs....

Just a working, fully tested game from day one.

Grow your bags....

This play-to-earn game will allow participants to earn SOL actively, by winning battles or prize chests, or passively by owning land.


The expected SOL return of a typical player with a 50% win ratio, over 100 games, is 115% plus 96 BD tokens (which would each entitle the holder to receive up to 8 warrior NFT airdrops of future generations, worth 1 SOL each at mint, so up to 768 SOL worth of NFTs in total), along with a 1 in 25 chance to win the top prize of 1000 SOL. 

Players of this high risk, high reward game will sort the baguette hands from the alpha dogs, the weak from the warriors.


Only the brave should proceed....

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